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Just couldn’t wait….

So a thing about me, I am terrible with surprises. I get too excited and I usually don’t have any regrets after because it’s totally worth it for me. Now is another time that I can’t wait another week and am ready to spill the beans.

So for the month of August, (and part of July), this months theme is everyone’s favorite droid. (Or at least mine!)


At the end of August there will be a giveaway for this shirt as well as this print brought to you by ScurveyKerrDesigns:


Soon I will also be posting a little interview so you can get to know this artist and where he draws his inspiration from. This shirt is exclusive and was made custom for this site. He will be selling a few during Salt Lake Comic Con coming this September. (Details coming soon. And bear with me, you will be hearing a lot about that the next couple of months.)

I’m very excited because I absolutely LOVE R2D2 and have some fun things planned. 🙂 I even wore my R2D2 dress today because not only is it super comfortable, but I love wearing things that show my passion.

I hope you all are having a great Monday and remember these wise words from this fabulous droid:

bITLR.jpg                                                                                                                                                                          Source


Much love,

Dahlface ❤

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