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Better late than never….

Oh man. I am behind. I promise it’s for a good reason. Not that I have tons of people on here yet, but still that need to explain yourself to others is still there and my reason is totally legit. I’ve been battling a kidney infection this past week and I will tell you, it’s not exactly fun. Every day I kept battling myself to get up and write, but if you ever had that moment where your couch just felt so good to lay on that you couldn’t move, don’t fight it. It’s obvious your body needs the rest more than trying to “keep up” with everyone.

So now here I am. Still sick, but I managed to hop on and give some updates on what’s coming up. First the giveaway. As you know I am working with Scurvy Kerr Designs to give one lucky winner this shirt that is exclusive towards our Comic Con season. Details will be coming later this week on how to enter.  For anyone else that wants to buy the shirt, you can stop on over at to pick yours up today. There is a limited quantity of 50 shirts so hurry and grab yours!


11825561_507980706023336_1509836360930766407_n                                                                  Click on me!

And maybe I’ll throw in a few extra things for the winner as well. Because sometimes I like to do little surprises here and there. And who doesn’t love fun mail when bills aren’t involved?
Also I will be posting an interview of the designer so we can all get to know him and where he draws his inspiration from.

I love that there are so many goodies coming out that I still consider awesome. (I grew up in the 80’s. I’m very partial with the toys because the quality seemed so much better than a lot of toys now days.) I am really big into collecting and soon I will start sharing the collections and random items that I have. One of the best things about being a geek is getting your friends excited over the same things as you. A lot of people I know still feel like they can’t embrace that side of them which makes me sad. People are still going to bully, but that is why the rest of us still show our awesome side and let them know that it is ok. I was sent this picture by my witch sister/cousin/BFF (Long story for later) showing me some of the collection she has at home. And what’s great is that she is finally feeling like she can be herself and embrace this side in her she felt she couldn’t bring out before.



Well, now that I don’t feel so horrible anymore about writing, this girl also has some catching up to do on Pottermore. Are you on there? If not you should be. And then add me as a friend so we can duel each other. If you are on there already, my username is StrikeFlame11022. (Aren’t their usernames awesome?) And from my house to yours,


Gryffindor Crest


Dahlface ❤

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