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Look! It’s Gabe!

Gabe pondering                                                             This is Gabe. See Gabe ponder.

Since I have been collaborating with Scurvy Kerr Designs to do a giveaway this month, I figured what a better time than now for you to get to know guy behind the scenes.

Hey Gabe! Why don’t you tell us a little something about yourself?

Gabe: Well, I’m from Iowa, I like long walks on the beach and I’m married. Haha!

What sparked your interest to go in the Photography and design direction?

Gabe: I got into photography all the way back in elementary school, I honestly can’t remember what grade it was so let’s just go with 5th. We did a poster called the windows of Muscatine (Muscatine is my hometown). I developed my love for photography from there on. I got a few pictures published when I was in high school and decided it was what I wanted to do for my profession so I went to college, and then proceeded to drop out because I didn’t want to “burn myself out.” I still did it from time to time until a couple years ago when I decided it was time to boot everything back up. Design was a whole different monster that I kind of just stumbled into, I grew up around art my whole life. My mother went to college for art in general and was instructed by a Disney animator actually. I, on the other hand could barely draw. In college I started to focus on learning how to properly draw and bought a sketch book. It wasn’t till four years later I would come across a coworker wanting me to make her a logo for her spa. I had never worked a drawing on Photoshop so I decided to give it a try and was addicted to the format.

Windows of Muscatine

What do you use as inspiration when it comes to your photography?

Gabe: Ansel Adams is by far my favorite as cliché as that may be. I’ve always been a sucker for his photography. Starting out I worked strictly in dark rooms and using black and white film I would look to him and other film photographers for inspiration. There is a guy named Tony, who’s from Detroit that I follow on Instagram that is by far one of my favorites of this Instagram era we live in. His photographs speak of the beauty that is still in Detroit as well as the heartbreak that that area has seen. It’s very moving, but most of all my surroundings is what inspire me.

Gabe looking at awesome stuff       Gabe loves cool stuff.

Your splash designs that you have been doing lately are amazing. How did you come up with this concept?

I want to say they came from myself but I must give credit where credit is due, a deviant art user named “austinthefreak”, did a star lord one right when the movie came out and It inspired me (a year later) to do my own version for a shirt, and then I got inspired to do other designs as well! Eventually I will do all of the Guardians!

That’s fantastic! But now we are getting into the heavy duty questions. I hope you are ready…..

Gabe: Shoot.

What is your favorite movie?

Gabe: Oh my, you weren’t kidding! It depends on the season, but if I had to pick one it would beeeeeee…… ummmm…. Princess Bride or Robin Hood Men in tights!

Or star wars episode one


What…is your quest?

Gabe: I hope to make a name for myself in the art scene, however small it may be!

What…is your favorite color?

Gabe: Purple! No, wait AHHHHHH. But seriously, purple.

This is Gabe. Gabe has cool rings.    Gabe has awesome rings.

That’s great! You will have to keep us updated once you get everything set up! Thank you so much for your time with this interview. I can’t wait to see your future projects! Where can people find your work and keep up with you on your latest work?

Gabe:  I’m on Facebook at

I also have a blog 

And my store is

Any last words you would like to add?


Thank YOU for having me! And thanks for everyone that reads this and buys a tee during Salt Lake Comic Con!!

Gabe loves pondering       Gabe really likes pondering.


Want a chance to win this shirt and print? You can either comment below or on our Facebook page for your chance to win. Like, comment or share, and tell us who your favorite Star Wars character is! (You don’t HAVE to do all four, but you get extra entries for each one! And you can comment on here AND Facebook to double your chances!)

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