Happy Force Friday!

Force Awakens


One of the best days ever! Except, not for my wallet. There are so many things I want to post about it, but right now about the contest! I am going to be adding something in addition to the free shirt and free print. The winner of the contest will also receive 2 Multipasses for Salt Lake Comic Con! This includes 3 day General Admission entry, Vendor Hall Entry, Panel Entry, and General admission for 2 children ages 8 and under. There is a limited supply so if you are unable to buy tickets, this is the perfect chance to get them! All you need to do is comment below your favorite Star Wars or Disney character and a winner will be chosen tonight at 9 pm MST.


comic con

    September 24-26 2015


This weekend I will also give updates on why I have been such a slacker at writing lately. I promise. It’s good. 😉

Also, check out some of the guests that are coming:




James-and-Oliver-Phelps-WEB-1030x832 Jenna



This convention is going to be amazing and there are going to be a lot of panels you won’t want to miss. I will be posting soon the panels that I will be on as well as soon as everything is updated!

Also I want to give a shout out to an amazing company called Track 36 Studios. I will have the opportunity to be working with them on some amazing projects that are coming up.


These guys are amazing and you won’t want to miss what they have in store. Go check them out, give them some love and likes on their page! They are a very talented group and I am honored that I can be a part of them.

Hurry and get your entries in for your chance to win your shirt, print, and Comic Con passes!


11825561_507980706023336_1509836360930766407_n 11754234_503036929851047_1290888825095420101_n

Thank you again Scurvy Kerr Designs for being a part of this giveaway!

32 thoughts on “Happy Force Friday!

  1. My favorite Star Wars character is the first Sith apprentice apearing on Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Darth Maul, his ability with the lightsaber is spectacular and the use of the force, with his special double light saber almost beats Qui Gon Jin at Tattoine.


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  2. Chewbacca!!! As a junior high kid in the late 1977 I was cursed with unruly, very thick, naturally curly hair (think days before mousses and gels were popular). Kids at school loved to call me “chewie” or just “chewbacca”. I have grown to love the big guy!!

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  3. My response is for my daughter who just turned 16. We lived out of the country for her young years and Disney movies were a major cultural connection. Also she is the one who got our family into Comicon so we would love to go again together! Ok, so she loves characters with sass, so her first response was Han Solo, sassmaster indeed 🙂

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  4. Darth Vader was my favorite character to both fear and despise yet also maybe secretly feel sorry for in the end. As a child, I had never before felt any sympathy toward a villian as I did with him. His complicated story arc left the most impression upon me.
    As for Disney, I admire Anna from Frozen. She is kind, sincere, brave, and is loyal and protective of her family and friends.

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