The big reveal

Ok, so first a couple of things before I do the big reveal of the grand prize of my giveaway. Just because if I don’t write them down now, my ADHD will take over and then all of the sudden you are going to see a lot of posts about cats.


     This is seriously what my brain looks like

First, I am seriously so sad about the death of David Bowie. I mean, I know that I didn’t know him personally and there are a lot of other great people out there that lose their lives by protecting ours which I could never express the gratitude enough. There are a lot of reasons why it hit me so hard which I may write in a separate post so I’m not turning this one into a novel. In short I can say that growing up the 2 biggest musical influences I have had in my life were David Bowie and Queen. I also listened to David Bowie in times where I was incredibly down and really struggled with things going on in my life. I have incredible memories of my brothers and road trips. I watched Labyrinth more times than I could count and it was that movie that inspired my artwork throughout high school and seriously helped pull me away from any dark worlds. It still sets the example for me with the industry I am in.  It amazes me how the power of music can radiate through your soul and inspire so many things.

You will be forever missed Goblin King.


January 8 1947-January 10 2016


I used to have a supervisor that looked like this guy. No joke.
Even others agreed with me. 

One more thing before the big reveal. (I know, I’m a jerk. Sometimes I like dragging things out.) Have you ever collected a certain type of shirt, whether it be geeky or not, and then realize how many you actually have? I’m in the process of doing laundry and I like to sort out my Disney and Star Wars clothing separate from everything else and realized… closet is 95% Disney and Star Wars. Whether I made the shirts or not, I truly didn’t realize how many I had. I just……..kept collecting. (There has to be about 200 or something. I’m not even kidding.)



(I HAVE ZERO REGRETS. And what’s even more funny is that a lot of them I forgot I had them or I just got them and….didn’t tell someone I got them…….) Also, I’m also not the greatest when it comes to fashion or anything and constantly feel like I need someone to do it for me. But I thought it would be funny to do a weekly post of my clothing and see how non ridiculous (or even ridiculous) I can look. And each one has a story. So starting next week, watch for the sad tales and adventures of Dahlface and how she is going to explain how long she actually had that shirt or if it’s really been sitting in the closet for that long. (I am a little sleepy so if this doesn’t make sense, just get sleepy too and then it will.)

Ok. Big reveal time. I am really excited and incredibly jealous of this one. I knew that something cool was going to happen and even though I was told in advance what it was going to be, it didn’t click in until I was writing my last post and now I am just super excited and still jealous.

Along with all of the other amazing prizes I announced last week, one lucky winner will also receive the Rey and BB-8 figure from Sideshow collectibles.


Seriously, isn’t she amazing??



star-wars-rey-bb-8-sixth-scale-set-hot-toys-902612-18Courtesy of Track 36 Studios

I absolutely LOVE how detailed and beautiful she is! So if you want to win this beauty as well, make sure to go to this link to sign up before it’s too late. (Please note that this is a Pre-order and is EXPECTED TO SHIP: May 2016 – Jul 2016)

I told you it was cool. I have always wanted something from Sideshow and this will gently encourage me to buy everything.

Good luck guys!

Much love,

Dahlface ❤

moostacheI’m feeling fancy.

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