My stash! Take 2



Peter Pan has always been one of my most favorite movies of all time. I always agreed with the quote “Never grow up” because sometimes I feel people lose who they are or a part of themselves when they become adults. Just because I have to pay bills and have a job, doesn’t mean that I can’t keep that part inside of me alive. Plus with how short I am, people think I am a child anyways. (I’m 5’2″)

Alrighty so here is the story of what I am wearing today. Oh and keep in mind, any of these clothes that I post were not given to me by these companies. As much as I would LOVE free clothes, I’m simply doing this to be silly and give my honest opinion whether these places are worth going to or not. Here goes:



This sweater. Oh this beautiful, beautiful sweater! When I saw Whosits and Whatsits  post this picture on instagram, I immediately new I was in trouble. Of COURSE I couldn’t say no. I mean, it’s freaking Peter Pan and these glorious stars. So I literally had a conversation with myself debating if I should get this or not.

Brain: As cute as this is, is this something you REALLY need right now?

Child-like Disney heart: YES!

Brain: You need gas in your car.

Child-like Disney heart: WHO CARES!

Brain: You realize that this money could go towa………

Child-like Disney heart: WHHHEEEEEEEEE ORDER IS PLACED!!!!

Honestly, this is how a lot of my conversations go. And I am so glad I ended up getting this sweater because it is SO soft and better than I could imagine. So I am going to enable you and just put this link here to buy it yourself………………


couple Look how cute we are! Buy me!

I know it’s hard to see my shoes in that picture so here’s a closer look and I’ll explain why I had to have these babies:


So here is a keyword for you when it comes to these shoes: Ambien. Back in the day when I used to take Ambien, I seriously couldn’t remember a thing. Well now days I can remember most of my nights, but I need to start locking my phone away when I take it because I end up buying this stuff because I think I’ll turn into a Disney princess or something.

I’m sure you all have heard of Disney bounding right? While on ambien I was browsing Pinterest which is already horrible enough when your mind is clear, but when you are on Ambien, it’s a new ballgame.

I came across this pin from Polyvore:



I can’t remember everything, but I do remember freaking out thinking if I got this outfit, I would magically turn into Snow White for reals and then all the deer that comes in my yard would be best friends with me. Bought the shoes and the deer ran away from me. Sigh. Stupid Ambien. I got the shoes from ModCloth, but they don’t have them anymore. It’s too bad I can’t remember all of my Ambien stories, but eventually I will have to tell you the time where I thought I was the gypsy lady from Drag me to Hell. THAT WAS NOT FUN.

Along with my awesome sweater, I also have some pretty cool accessories that I wore as well:


No, I will not admit to you how many of these bracelets I have. But if you do want some, I got them at Disney Store online.

Good luck.


This awesome watch I got as a birthday present.



This freaking amazing Disneyland spoon ring. This was made in the 50’s and very hard to find. But I did some hunting down for you if you decide you MUST be twins with me and have one too. 😉 Surprisingly I was able to find one on eBay.

The thing I love about Disney fans is you find them EVERY WHERE. Today I ran into 5 people that I was able to geek out with them and dream of our place we call home. Even with this face they STILL came up to talk to me:




I guess the good thing about doing these posts is that it forces me to actually dress up a little and not look like a slob. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am planning to do some more painting and hanging out with my good friend, the couch.






*I would like to note that I take Ambien due to insomnia and am very careful with it. I just really wanted to be a Disney princess that night and looking at Disneybound outfits does enable that need. 😉

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