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First off I want to officially introduce my official logo for my Etsy shop! I love that it’s simple and yet is obvious enough to express what I love. I had many dates that I kept switching back and forth on trying to decide WHEN I wanted to open my shop and I at times I felt like I still wasn’t ready as much as I wanted to be and kept pushing the date more. Well, I’m too the point where I feel like if I don’t do it now, I probably won’t ever do it out of fear. So I have finally set on a date. There won’t be a ton in it at first because I’m still getting everything together, but you will see some original paintings and necklaces. I will also have one of a kind specialty items that I will not reproduce. I am also working on some Halloween items because fall is my favorite and I just couldn’t wait……




Even though I will mainly have galaxy based items in my shop, you will see some fandom pieces in there because it’s part of who I am and there are a lot of stories behind each piece.

I will show more pictures of what I’m planning to have and will also include a discount code for the grand opening. I will be taking custom orders, but will only have a slot for so many at a time because I still have Salt Lake Comic Con to get ready for so August is a very busy month for me. After I should be available to take more.

I’m nervous, scared, excited, and thrilled to finally take this step! I have so many art ideas that I’m constantly coming up with and I need these to go to a loving home because I don’t have enough room in my house to keep them all……….

I now have to run to finish more paintings and get jewelry put together. I hope everyone has a good day even though it’s Monday. You have pants on today right? Then I’d say you are off to a good start!


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