It’s that time of year again!

Salt Lake Comic Con is September 1-3 at the Salt Palace Convention Center


It’s crazy for me that it’s time for Comic Con again. It feels like time has flown so fast these past few months that it didn’t really hit me until today that it is coming up next week. I am very excited for the panels to be on with people I already know, and others that I will meet for the first time. I feel like being on panels brings on this strong bond as you and the other panelists are able to geek out and share your vulnerabilities together in front of a crowd. It’s scary and yet invigorating at the same time.

Here are the panels that I will be on this time around:


                                                    7:00 pm in Room 255C

I am so excited to be back on this panel. The energy has always been incredible and it amazes me how many others love this show and what it represents as much as we do. I will also be dressing up as my famous Louise again. (Well, famous to me because that cosplay I have worn the most.) Other panelists include, Thomas Carter, Taylor Hunsaker, Charity O’Haodagain, Ryan Templeman, and Danielle UberAlles.


                                                                      1:00 pm in Room 251A

I think I have cried on every Star Wars panel that I have been on. These movies seem to hit me on all levels and I can’t help myself when we are up on the stand and everyone is really passionate about it. Keep in mind this isn’t like ugly crying. I do my best to keep my composure, but I sure do shed a tear here and there when we get into details over the characters.


This panel I may ugly sob.


I love Harrison Ford. I love his sarcasm, I love his wit, everything. And now that I have seen the tragedy that becomes of him in Force Awakens, it actually hit me harder than I ever anticipated. And now I get to relive everything again in front of a crowd. At least I will be on with others who totally get it as well. Panelists include Holly Frey, Matt Martin, Kyle J. Steenblik, and Bryan Young.


                                                    11:00 am in Room 150G

When I actually do have time to do a little gaming, my favorie to play is Legend of Zelda. (My favorite is Link between worlds!) Together we will discuss the ups and downs of why we love these games so much. Even the music I find incredible and love listening to different renditions of it. Legend of Zelda is simply incredible. Panelists include DezcreepcorePeter ChristiansenDC DollJason King, and McCord Larsen.


                                                                3:00 pm in Room 151A

This panel is going to be so much fun discussing all of our collectibles, keeping them packaged, having a crazy moment and opening our precious figures, and more. I don’t know if this will be a great intervention for me or if this will only enable my addictions even more. At least I know there will be others in the audience on the same page as I am. Panelists include: Patrick GibbsDavid OlsenCharles C. Prows, and Sarah Willoughby.

Even though these panels are lighthearted and fun, I’m definitely going to be throwing in how these tie in with mental health. From my own personal experiences, each subject has greatly affected me in one way or another and I am excited to discuss again how these can influence in positive ways.

I hope all of you have a great Friday! I have some art projects I’ll be working on all weekend which I am really excited to see the outcome for them. And I get a little break to see Tom Papa who is such a great comedian. Seriously if you haven’t seen any of his comedy yet, I highly suggest you check him out. He is hilarious!





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