Preparation for Comic Con: Day 1


Comic Con season is here again and as much as I would like to admit that my day is full of preparing for every second of it, this time around it’s not. I’m a parent so while I am trying to squeeze in every second of catching up on shows I need to or reading articles for constant updates, in between I am also dealing with custom art projects, lunches, potty training and trying to make myself somewhat presentable when someone comes to the door.

Even though I feel the stresses of trying to be fully prepared before making it to my panels, somehow I am able to switch my brain into “Panelist Mode” the second I get on the stand. Sometimes I have panic attacks when public speaking is in order, but luckily when it comes to being passionate about topics like Star Wars, Bob’s Burgers, or anything 80’s, it’s definitely easier for me.

So how about today? How am I preparing for Bob’s Burgers? Well, I started with my preparing last night. I ate some Strawberry Marshmallow frosting. No I didn’t put it on anything. I just ate it straight.

It was glorious.

Today I have to do some adulting first like laundry and dishes, but will put some time aside so I can get into Louise mode. There is no way adulting can happen if Louise takes over.

If you are in the area and are planning to check out Salt Lake Comic Con, make sure to head on over to our Bob’s Burgers panel at 7:00 pm in room 255C. I’ll make sure to take pictures and post updates. 🙂



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