A big fat nope to setbacks

Well, last week I ended up in the emergency room. I haven’t been able to type, draw, or do anything hardly. Sometimes when you are feeling horrible and trauma happens, it takes too much energy to update everyone on what’s going on.

Right now I’m typing this on my phone mostly with one hand and it’s a huge pain. Hopefully the next couple of days I’ll be able to officially blog on some major changes I am making with myself, my life, art and so forth. 

It hasn’t been easy and it’s been really difficult for me to accept some of the things that I’ve had to face lately, but deep down I know it’s for the better. 

So for those who follow me, bear with me. Losing the ability to do have the stuff needed has been difficult, but pushing forwards and powering through is the best I can do for now. Plus realizing major changes that need to be made can be difficult when it throws your balance off completely. Sudden changes in my routine are not something I always handle gracefully, but it’s part of Adulting and that is something out of our control unfortunately. Embracing that changes are going to happen regardless of what you have written on your calendar helps me realize that I personally don’t have to feel like chaos is exploding when something unexpected happens. 


Something I have to practice every day.

I fail. And I try again. And fail another time.

But I have to keep pushing. 

Setbacks are bound to happen. And that is when you say a big fat nope to it because YOU deserve to be happy with yourself. You are stronger. Even if you may not always feel like it.


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