I rebel

I honestly don’t even know where to start first. I look at my previous post and see how that was the start of many other setbacks my family and I had to face. Even though I seemed so full of hope and optimism at that moment, I can promise that I wasn’t optimistic the whole time. I definitely had moments where I didn’t know how I was going to keep pushing to stay sane and not give up. I ended up not talking to anyone and putting my focus where it needed it most. It was necessary. I won’t lie, at times it also really sucked. I was afraid that I was slowly starting to lose who I was. I honestly can’t recall the exact moment where I was able to see the light during the dreary times, but whenever that moment was, I am glad it happened.

Even though I’m still getting back in the swing of things, hopefully I will be able to blog on a more steady schedule.  At least I have updates on some happier moments from these past few months such as:

Dinosaurs! Besides my obsession over Star Wars and Disney, Dinosaurs are another huge love of mine. I am doing some volunteer work at a local Paleontology lab, (and professionally trained) to work on a Barosaurus. The Paleontologist is incredible and I love having the opportunity to work on something that reminds me of how small I really am in this universe. The picture above is the first bone I worked on. It’s been scary and exhilarating at the same time. The second I put a coat of vinac on it, I couldn’t stop staring how beautiful it turned out to be. After getting final approval from Rick, (Paleontologist) he tagged and numbered the rib until it’s time to put it together. Apparently my worked impressed him enough to give me a more advanced piece to work on next. My plan is to study under him and take additional classes to get some certifications.


This is a piece of the tail that is more delicate than the rib which means……more pressure. More excitement. A bigger challenge which I thrive on. We do have a blog showing updates of the pieces we are working on which you can find here. I’ll be more detailed of everything that goes on in my head while working on these magnificent creatures with my lame attempt at humor.

i. 100%

Half our crew before our fancy dinner

I don’t really do a lot of cosplay very much, but we did have an event at my work that we could show up as our favorite superhero. It was a big family event and I knew for months that I was going to be scheduled for this. I figured that if I am going to go as someone, I would have to go big enough that it would even make that person proud.

Iris 100%

I couldn’t see myself going as anyone else, but Princess Leia. I was the only Star Wars character there which made it even more worth it when I saw only one Star Wars family arrive. (Batman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl were the majority.) It was fun staying in character the whole time and seeing how excited the little ones would get. I could live in this costume. And I miss Carrie Fisher.


Without turning this place into a novel, my final update is my decision to join the 501st Legion. I’m not official yet, but I did sign up with my local Garrison to get my foot in the door. I can’t even express how excited I am. Any event I’ve been to I am there grinning from ear to ear the whole time. They have been taking it gracefully and are coming to accept that is how I am. (YOU stand next to Vader and not squeal!) My first costume I’m going to start on is a Tie Pilot so you will see updates with what I’m working on and how adventerous this will be with my shorty height.


So far nothing I have posted matches the title of this post. Now I will explain what it means. Usually I like to try and have a theme or a word to live by for the year. Something I can look back on and remember if I am using that as part of my goal. I decided that “Rebel” is going to be my word for this year. Every year I feel like we always face something major. (I know a lot of people do, but I feel like sometimes it’s ridiculous and almost comical these trials that seem to pop their way in.)

As usual, I find a way to keep standing and fight. But then I feel overly depleted because mentally I can’t keep up as I do physically. I can’t control everything that is thrown my way. Some things are going to be really unfair and will get to the point where you feel like breaking. I can’t afford to allow that to happen.

So, I will rebel. I will rebel against depression, failure, or any other dark forces that head my way. I have to. For me and my family. (Yes I get the irony since I am joining the dark side, but at least it’s still for good!)


You can get this shirt here!


It feels good to be back.




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