New Disney subscription box

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that this is finally happening! I love trying out subscription boxes and with how many there are out here now, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with which ones I should stick to and which ones I should bail on. Currently I’m sticking with Smuggler’s Bounty and Fandom of the month club.

Now I discover that Disney is teaming up with Funko for a new subscription box called Disney treasures by Funko.

March’s theme is Pirates Cove and they have already shown a sneak peak of what will be included.

Funko Pop Smee who needs to be in my home right away….

And Wicked Wench Dorbz Ride which is a theme park exclusive.

Even the box is adorable.

Well, there goes my plans trying to be “good” and “limit” my subscriptions. I’m really excited for this one and have high hopes for what they have to offer.

They have 3 different subscription plans that include additional goodies of their own. For more detailed information and how you can sign up, go here.

I don’t know if I am going to do a video of the unboxing or just blog it, but either way you will be able to tell my excitement for this.

Either way, right now I’m pretty much squealing.



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