My journey to the 501st Legion

I have wanted to join the 501st Legion for years, but thought it would be too hard with my schedule. Or I wouldn’t have what it takes to jump in. Or I wouldn’t know what the heck I was doing. Or I was just to scared to take that leap.

I honestly didn’t know where to start until I ran into a member and his family at my work. He assured me it wasn’t as scary as I thought and went over a few concerns and additional fears that I had. After I had the entire family encourage me to sign up and join, I finally took that leap with my local Garrison that weekend.

You can find out who your Garrison is through the 501st site and register there. The Alpine Garrison is mine and are full of incredible people. They jumped right in directing me into the best sites to look into that would help me with my kits. I was originally planning to build a TK and they were trying to convince me to go dirty:

I won’t lie. It felt good wearing a Sandtrooper helmet.

After doing research and trying to debate if I wanted to go that route or not, I went to my first armor party to see how the kits were made and to check out different options. I was dead set on being a Stormtrooper until I realized how long it would take for me to get everything done. It’s a little disheartening how long it can take to officially become a member of the 501st unless you have a LOT of free time and finances are in order. When you start going to events you get upgraded to Cadet status meaning you have more access to events and forums on the Garrison board. As awesome as it is being a cadet and helping the troops out, you still want to be a part of the cool kids.

Part of working on your kit desired, you are required to keep updates on your progress. I decided that I would blog about mine not just for me, or to show my Garrison what I am up to, but in case anyone else may have questions or fears of wanting to join. I am a total newbie on everything and I have had to do a lot of research and still continue to do a lot of research. Yes it may seem to be a lot of reading, but trust me it’s worth it. There are people who have been doing this a long time and I thought maybe it would be nice for those who are in the same boat as I am to see how it’s done.

I honestly can’t remember where I found this picture, but if anyone knows please tell me so I can link and give credit. This picture though is what made me officially decide that I wanted to be a Tie Pilot. There is so much beauty to this picture and I feel like it’s just called to me. THIS is what I am going to be.
The quickest and easiest way for me to get into the 501st is make my TI Reserve Pilot. It’s cheaper and the supplies are more in my price range and easily accessible.

For now I have ordered the following supplies:

The patches I ordered on eBay. You can find them here for $5.67 a peice.

The leather gloves I ordered from Leather Mystics for $25. They have a range of sizes and I was happy to see they had some for extra small hands that can fit youth as well. Because I’m still small enough I can wear children’s clothes….enough embarrassment, just make sure you get the gloves that do not have diamond studs on them.

The officer hat I actually got from Disney Store! Unfortunately they do not have the black ones anymore, but they do currently have the green hats you can get from here.

My flightsuit I am ordering from Amazon, but will be altering it as I need to sew on pockets to make sure they can pass and get approval. Once I start sewing, I’ll be sure to post updates and pictures of that progress.

Whew! Overwhelmed yet? I promise it’s not that bad and things get easier. Especially when you have an amazing group to help you every step of the way. They are willing to answer any questions you have and are sure to keep you calm during the process.

I promise, it’s worth it.


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