The best of Fan X-Day 1

Day one of Fan X is over for me and while I look back and think about how my day went, I admit that this is probably one of my favorite days I’ve ever had at Comic Con.

I wasn’t planning cosplay, but decided last minute that I had to do something so I went with punk Princess Leia. It wasn’t just because I didn’t want to do my hair. I was able to participate on a panel dedicated to our princess Carrie Fisher which I will write more later this weekend. (Probably my favorite panel I have ever done so far.)

It’s hard sometimes being on a panel with other people who you feel are so much more qualified than you are, but then you get to that realization that you are all there for the same thing. You are all there to embrace your love over the same fandom and connect in ways that you may feel difficult outside of the con. This helps me to remember that I am just as qualified. I have the same passions. I have the same respect and love. And I couldn’t be more grateful to be around an amazing group.

Matt Martin, Bryan Young, and Holly Frey. They are such gems.

This was also a time for me to be able to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in years and hang out at the 501st booth.

Plus hanging out this guy made the day even better. I’ll be writing more this weekend on why made this day so amazing, but right now this girl needs to get to bed so I can be ready for an early morning photo shoots at the convention. 4 am likes to sneak up pretty quickly.


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