FanX ’17 wrap up

FanX 2017 is over and I am still in recovery mode. There are some aches and pains from walking around so much which I’ll take as a good sign. I actually forced myself out of my comfort zone to socialize more. Even though I still get petrified because I sometimes feel like I’m a little too passionate and come off strong, it helps me to recognize the potential I do have and the connections I would have missed if I stayed in hiding.

I am still in process of writing down my thoughts from the Carrie Fisher panel which I will post more on tomorrow. But for now I want to share the wonderful things I have encountered this weekend.

I met Colin Cantwell. He is the designer for the original Death Star, Tie Fighter, X-Wing and other ships. It was an honor and I cried meeting him. I tried to blame only getting 1 hour of sleep the night before, but it was incredible meeting someone who has made an impact like they have.

Mark Loertscher does a fabulous job with his photographer. Check out his facebook page here for more of his work.

It was a very bright and early morning, but the 501st pulled together for a photoshoot!


This is the cutest little Rey that I have ever met. I had a blast talking hairstyles with her and how we use the force for good.

How cool is he????


We made it! I’m very thankful for the opportunities that I had, the people I was able to meet and being able to rekindle with those I haven’t seen in awhile. I am already looking forward to September and can’t wait to finish my 501st uniform so I can wear it as an official 501st member. I also have so many ideas flooding on how I can help raise funds for Make-A-Wish. My heart is just so full of ideas. The thought of bringing joy to a child’s life who are facing struggles more than I am puts things in perspective for me. Plus it helps me to redirect my focus when I am personally facing difficult times to make others happy.

So much to be grateful for right now.






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