Disney Treasures Funko Box Review


*This post contains spoilers for the Disney Treasures Funko April theme of Pirates Cove. If you want to be surprised, I highly recommend not reading the rest of this post as I reveal everything received!
I can’t begin to tell you my excitement when my Disney Treasures Box finally came. I already knew a little of what they were planning to add since it was revealed online, but was pleasantly surprised by the details that were added. I shouldn’t have been surprised because Disney has always captured my attention by the amount of details they add to their theme parks and movies, but surprise! I was.

I really love the design of the box and love that it actually looks like a crate.

I love the hidden Mickey and the design added to the corner showing this months theme.

Once opened, beautiful artwork has been added displaying a treasure map. You are also shown your first “treasure” of a pin and a patch.

Here is a closeup which enables my addiction even more. Apparently all of the patches from the first year of boxes will fit together to frame a final secretive patch. The Mickey Mouse pin is based off of an appearance Mickey made in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tv show in their 4th season.  Mickey appeared as Captain Mickey in, “Mickey’s Pirate Adventure.”

A closer view of the treasure map. Notice all of the different worlds?

Once you open the flap, you are greeted with a welcome letter explaining plans they have with future boxes. I was already excited, but I admit this made me even more ecstatic.

Inside they included another treasure map reviewing detailed information and facts about each product. I love random facts anyway so this was right up my alley. On the backside, you are shown a sneak peak of June’s theme box.

Naturally, this popped in my head:

On to the toys! Errr, collectibles!

Included are the Wicked Wench Captain and Pirate Ship Dorbz Ridez, Smee Funko Pop, and a Pirates Cove sticker.

Even seeing the sneak peak online didn’t prepare me for how much I was actually going to love this. The details on this brought back a lot of nostalgia for me. Especially the ship. Instantly I was taken back to my memories of Disneyland eagerly waiting for my turn on the Peter Pan ride. I know the name on the box makes it obvious, but that doesn’t mean the magic is always captured in the product to take you back to those moments. This did for me.

Smee has always been one of my favorite characters so this made me really happy to have a Funko of him. I’ve been trying to limit my Funko collection because of room, but I think this subscription will make me find ways to be more creative to display them. Thank goodness for my years of playing Tetris to train me.

I LOVE this tin! I love the art style and the colors. I also love that each side brought back specific memories of these scenes on the ride. It was also fun to think about how much fun I have singing the song and remembering even more special moments I had.

A Jack Sparrow mini!

He is cute, but it’s hard when the artist in me notices imperfections in the paint which I can easily fix. It’s not that big of a deal and probably something a lot of people wouldn’t notice, but you may be able to see with the lighting in the photos.

Overall, I am VERY happy with this box and would highly recommend it others. Especially if you are a Disney collector and love being able to have something unique. This may seem a little pricier than other subscription boxes, but you are also getting bigger collectibles. Plus you will be receiving things exclusive to Disney Treasures that you will not be able find in other places. (Like the tin!)

Until April 22nd, they have special introductory pricing for 3 subscription options. The “Travler” Pay As You Go box, runs $26 for every other month. The “Adventurer” box runs $25 per box for a 6 month plan. (Meaning you pay the 6 months up front. And you get an exclusive Disney Pin welcome gift.) Last is the “Pioneer” plan. $24 per box on a 12 month plan that includes the Disney pin welcome gift, exclusive founding-member only anniversary gift and a Digital Founders Badge. Which looks like that is only available in the Pirates Cove box.

Let me know if you end up ordering a subscription or what you think about the collectibles they have! I am really excited for June’s theme and what type of collectibles they will have. 🙂

Have a great night!

*Disclaimer- Disney Treasures Funko Pop did not pay me for this review or send this box to me. All opinions are my own. This is something I scraped and saved up for simply because I am a sucker for collecting and plus it’s Disney so of course I will want it. 🙂

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